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PetalaSeni is our very own live podcast show on Youtube, hosted by our very own creative director and composer, Teuku Umar Ilany, featuring friends from all sections of performing arts and music, talking about Malay Gamelan, traditional arts, music and much more! We are super excited to share our digital space with fellow musicians, performers and enthusiasts alike. It has been a tough time for the world, including the arts scene, and we hope that this project can bring everyone closer together.
This project is made possible by CENDANA, and we are thankful for our friends, families and Gangsapurans for all the support. To be notified for each live show, follow us on our social media, subscribe to us on Youtube and don't forget to turn the notification on. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kemenangan Buka Langkah Inner Resonance 2019

2hb Julai 2020 adalah satu detik kebanggaan untuk industri muzik tradisional khususnya gamelan Melayu. Gangsapura telah dinobatkan sebagai pemenang Kakiseni 17th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards dalam kategori Best Of 2019 yang berlangsung di TemuTamu, Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tunku Bainun yang dipancarkan khas di Facebook Live. Siapa sangka? Saingan untuk kategori tersebut pun sengit-sengit dan hebat-hebat […]

How to De-Stress During the Quarantine

One thing about the Movement Control Order for sure, is that it really puts a challenge onto us. Some finds the quarantine to be peaceful- not needing to go out for family gatherings and is able to stay at home, eat, sleep and repeat, but it is in the human nature to want to go […]

Gamelan ni berhantu ke?

Apa itu gamelan? Gamelan itu sendiri adalah satu alat muzik tradisi yang berasal dari tradisi Jawa dan kemudiannya berkembang nusantara seperti di Bali dan Tanah Melayu. Dari segi instrumentasinya, ia berkembang sehingga bentuknya menjadi sampai seperti sekarang yang kita kenali ini pada zaman kerajaan Majapahit lagi. Untuk pengetahuan umum, kenapa gamelan kita dipanggil Gamelan Melayu […]

Experience Music for the First Time

When someone mentions musical instruments to you, what would be the first thing to pop in your head? Violin? Electric guitar? That triangular metal thing in the back of a primary school band? What defines a musical instrument is that it is created or adapted to make musical sounds. In principle, any object that produces […]

Cinta Pandang Pertama Gamelan Melayu

Saya mula mengenali Gamelan Melayu sejak saya berumur 12 tahun lagi ketika saya di Pahang. Ketika itu, saya cuma melihat dan tertanya-tanya, "alat muzik apakah ini?" "Bagaimana nak memainkannya?". Saya hairan. Kenapa alat ini dipinggirkan begitu sahaja. Saya mula cuba untuk mengetuk-ngetuk alat tersebut seorang diri tanpa ada sesiapa pun yang menemani saya. Saya cuba […]

Beauty of Gamelan

For a little introduction of what Gamelan is, it is the traditional ensemble music of the Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese peoples of Indonesia made up predominantly of percussive instruments. It has also reached to various parts of the world which includes Malaysia! That is how gamelan Melayu appeared. It is basically from the royalty passed […]

17th BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2020

The BOH Cameronian Awards celebrates astounding performances of musical theatre, art, music and dances in the previous year. It was founded by an organization called Kakiseni, which is the country's online website dedicated to art, as stated in its name. The awards have been started since 2002, and has been the only award to be […]

Gangsapura Classes

Ever really wondered how Malay Gamelan works? I can be considered as someone who has zero knowledge of Gamelan despite actually working under a company that associates themselves directly to it. All my life up until I finished college, I never thought about playing the Gamelan, let alone learn about it. However, recently I have […]

Gangsapura Gamelan Group is a standalone Contemporary Malay Gamelan Group, first established in October 2016, based in the heart of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, with the aim of promoting Malaysian culture, developing traditional arts and instilling arts and music skills among community.

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