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PetalaSeni is our very own live podcast show on Youtube, hosted by our very own creative director and composer, Teuku Umar Ilany, featuring friends from all sections of performing arts and music, talking about Malay Gamelan, traditional arts, music and much more! We are super excited to share our digital space with fellow musicians, performers and enthusiasts alike. It has been a tough time for the world, including the arts scene, and we hope that this project can bring everyone closer together.
This project is made possible by CENDANA, and we are thankful for our friends, families and Gangsapurans for all the support. To be notified for each live show, follow us on our social media, subscribe to us on Youtube and don't forget to turn the notification on. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Gangsapura Growth, Mini Showcase and Q&A

August 15 2020
Tonight is the FINALE of PetalaSeni Podcast, featuring the members of Gangsapura themselves. We will have a Q&A session with the viewers, a view on the progress of our company and a mini showcase! We are excited to have you.

Monoloque: Hebat Ke Muzik Kita?

August 13 2020
Tonight, there will be another session for PetalaSeni podcast and MonoloQue is invited! MonoloQue is the founder of an independent band called Butterfingers. Championing and creating indie music and experimental soundscape in Malaysia, Loque recently launched an EP called 'Perang Halimunan' that has been on air since the Movement Control Order!

NJWA: Tradisi & Pop - Rojak?

August 11 2020
PetalaSeni Podcast is bringing another session on tonight and we have NJWA in the house! NJWA is an award-winning vocalist and songwriter. She has taken her live performances to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, and has also played 2 slots at the Singapore Grand Prix stage!

Sharmini: Cabaran Kumpulan Seni di Malaysia

August 6 2020
PetalaSeni Podcast is back with another session today with Rhythm in Bronze! This time, we have invited Sharmini, the Executive Producer & Performer of Rhythm in Bronze -- Malaysia's contemporary gamelan group that is dedicated to the growth of Malaysian Gamelan Theatre.

Faliq & Amira: Gamelan Dipandang Sepi?

August 4 2020
PetalaSeni oleh Gangsapura kembali dengan episod seterusnya yang hangat membincangkan topik-topik berkaitan seni. Malam ini Gangsapura menjemput Mohamad Faliq dan Amira Farhana sebagai tetamu undangan! Faliq merupakan graduan ASWARA dalam bidang muzik dan meminati seni gamelan sejak dibangku sekolah dan giat membuat persembahan dan mengajar di institusi seperti UNITEN dan KISAS. Amira pula sedang melanjutkan […]

Bernard: Sokongan Dalam Seni Rakyat

July 28 2020
Petala Seni oleh Gangsapura kembali dengan episod seterusnya yang membincangkan topik-topik berkaitan seni. Kali ni, Gangsapura menjemput Bernard Goh sebagai tetamu undangan bagi membincangkan topik tentang Sokongan dalam Seni Rakyat. Bernard, seorang graduan Graphic Design di Malaysia Institute of Arts (MIA) ialah founder dan pengarah artistik Hands Percussion Malaysia. Beliau juga memegang jawatan selaku pengarah […]

Zulfahmie & Fatin: Gamelan Sekadar Hobi?

July 25 2020
PetalaSeni Podcast is back with another session today at 9:00PM. This time, we have invited Zulfahmie and Fatin to join us!

Jamilah & Azizul: Traditional, Masih Relevan di Malaysia?

July 23 2020
We hope you enjoyed our first podcast run- because Jamilah and Azizul is here to join us today! Jamilah and Azizul will be talking about the traditional scene in Malaysia, and if it is still relevant and accepted by the mass media.

Anis Kalisa: Freelance Atau Tetap?

July 21 2020
Our very first run of our live podcast show, PetalaSeni is live today at 9:00 PM with our very first guest, Anis Kalisa, a freelance artist! Anis Kalisa a dedicated and talented musician that specializes in multiple musical instruments like electric guitar, violin and so on. She was also an instructor at Yamaha Music School […]

Gangsapura Gamelan Group is a standalone Contemporary Malay Gamelan Group, first established in October 2016, based in the heart of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, with the aim of promoting Malaysian culture, developing traditional arts and instilling arts and music skills among community.

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