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ECHOES is the first album series of Gangsapura that is born from the need for reference in gamelan songs in a digital form and our love for Malay gamelan. This initiative is born from the ECHOES that needs to be heard and celebrated by the new generation as the catalyst for our cultural identity that forms a huge part of our heritage.

ECHOES features a selection of traditional Malay gamelan songs that have been recorded live with its own unique beauty and identity, made to accompany the alluring Joget Gamelan.

Echoes Vol. I

  1. Perang Besar (Perarakan)
  2. Ayak-Ayak
  3. Togok
  4. Timang Burung
  5. Kundang-Kundang Mabuk
  6. Lantai Lima
  7. Topeng
  8. Perang Besar

Echoes Vol. II

  1. Perang Besar (Perarakan)
  2. Perang Seri Rama
  3. Ulik Seri Rama
  4. Seri Rama Balik
  5. Nongga
  6. Perang Manggung
  7. Antawada
  8. Geliong

Gangsapura Gamelan Group is a standalone Contemporary Malay Gamelan Group, first established in October 2016, based in the heart of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, with the aim of promoting Malaysian culture, developing traditional arts and instilling arts and music skills among community.

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