Gangsapura Classes

By Qamarina Aqilah

Gangsapura Classes

Ever really wondered how Malay Gamelan works?

I can be considered as someone who has zero knowledge of Gamelan despite actually working under a company that associates themselves directly to it. All my life up until I finished college, I never thought about playing the Gamelan, let alone learn about it. However, recently I have seen the class programs provided by Gangsapura and it has somehow piqued my interest.

Gangsapura at KLPAC. Photo by Gangsapura

I ask myself- is it okay to be entering the class when you know nothing at all about Gamelan? The answer is: Yes! Gangsapura has many different classes provided that varies according to your levels. For my case, I should join the Beginners Class so I don't miss the basics and understand better of the whole topic like playing technique, introduction to traditional music notation, instrumentations and more. There are also Intermediate and Advanced classes for those who already have skills but want to learn more styles and songs, more of a 'pro' with Gamelan. I believe the tutorial would be more in-depth and detailed compared to the Beginners'. All of the classes are affordable and worth the shot as you will be taught by experienced and friendly tutors; in a relaxed setting.

Keromong, one of the Malay gamelan instrument here in KLPAC. Photo by Gangsapura

The number of students is also fitting with the current situation of our country- less than 10 people per class. This is to ensure that the tutors can fully focus on the students without being too occupied with too many people. This is also to make sure that everyone has their own set of instruments so everyone can demonstrate their skills during class. Do not worry- the instruments are sanitised every time after use so you are safe under their care.

Our co-founder Teuku Umar Ilany and his Intermediate students. Photo by Gangsapura

Come and join the Gangsapura classes this August! Visit the link below for more details.