About Us

Gangsapura Gamelan Group is a standalone Contemporary Malay Gamelan Group, first established in October 2016, based in the heart of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, with the aim of promoting Malaysian culture, developing traditional arts and instilling arts and music skills among community.
Founded by a power duo Teuku Umar Ilany and Nur Diyana Nadirah, Gangsapura Gamelan Group strive to fulfil its mission to inspire, motivate, influence, educate and communicate with thousands of notes. It aspires to be an example and a pioneer in traditional Gamelan music playing and to create awareness among community of Malaysia’s traditional art forms. The group is made up of musicians from various backgrounds who dedicate their life and love in music and gamelan. The group is led by passion-driven composers and performers and the vision is to champion the aesthetic of tradition and reaching possibilities with contemporary works and performances. 


Gangsapura envisions to become a leading organization and a pioneer in achieving continuity and modernity through tradition, specifically performing arts.


To provide opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge and expertise for the advancement of traditional arts and cultures to enhance the nation's tradition.
To create awareness on traditional art forms and cultures and to create a well-versed community on Malaysia’s traditional cultures.


SCHOOL - Dedicated to creating awareness and raising interests in youth and young adults.
SPACE - An art space, open & available to all.
SHOWCASE - Performing traditional art with some contemporary twist.