Song Recommendations

By Qamarina Aqilah

Song Recommendations

I have created playlists as time goes on during the MCO. There is one mixed with a variety of genres, mainly for music I found along the way as I browse YouTube, along with some of the channels I have subscribed to that promotes underrated songs. There is also one where I specifically focus on instrumental piano music, and another for Lo-Fi music. I shall be explaining all of them one by one in this post, and maybe some of you will like my recommendations!

Underrated songs really need to have more attention from the world. They are unique, beautiful and absolutely gorgeous for the ears to listen. If I mention duckwrth or Ashe to my friends, they would be confused. These artists are buried under the famous musicians, hidden from the world, making it a beautiful gem when found. I have about 415 song, and there are a few that has been in my favourites.

The most recent song I’ve added into the playlist is Past Life by Trevor Daniel, which was published on the 26th of March 2020. I am sure that you are familiar with this song as it is very new. The first song that was added into the playlist is I Want You by Robotaki and Manila Killa, featuring Matthew John Kurz, a Kuur remix. One song I would highlight from this playlist would be Used To by Sandro Cavazza and Lou Elliotte. This song is for those who are into romance, mellow and impactful to relationships that just broken up.

My next playlist is always played for times when I needed to study, relax or even sleep! It’s filled with songs from the Lo-Fi genre. Lo-fi is a music or production quality in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible, sometimes a deliberate aesthetic choice. It is mostly pleasing to the ears and very relaxing to listen to. It can also help you sleep and focus on the work in hand. Some of the lo-fi artists I listen to would be imfinenow, Shiloh and scaredkrow.

The music they depict sometimes involve mellow sadness, cheerful bubbliness and relatable loneliness. I would highly recommend you listen to this type of songs just for the sake of not having a quiet atmosphere when you are doing work. There are plenty of YouTube channels out there that compiles these songs together into a theme as Lo-Fi songs are always short individually. Here is one of the video that fits with our current situation,

But Gamelan is on another level. Traditional and soulful music, not needing any words to express the emotions within the composition of the song. Beautifully pieced together by a combination of musical instruments. Gangsapura has provided one of the best gamelan piece you will ever hear. This may be biased, but opinion is still an opinion, no? My favourite piece from Gangsapura would be Ayak-ayak, posted around a year ago on the Gangsapura channel on YouTube!

I hope this post have given you some songs to listen and try when you are bored! If you are interested for other songs in my playlist, comment below. Thank you for reading!